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BusAcTa Advisors

Your Business Accounts and Tax Advisors

About Us

Why choose BusAcTa

BusAcTa aspires to worldwide platforms and, as a result, prioritizes efforts and breaking beyond barriers. Making management our central focus makes us unique, effective, and successful in our fields.


BusAcTa is indeed a distinct & reliable solution provider for all of your accounting-related needs. With our adaptable engagement models, we not only offer bookkeeping and accounting services but also manage the CFO function, serving as a crucial strategic partner in the expansion of your company.


We concentrate and emphasize on increasing business and client involvement to improve our service experience.


We have a strategy in place for value-added services.


From project inception to completion, we adhere to the principles and ethics of our client companies.

Our Identity

BusAcTa Advisors, the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firm, was founded to offer business, accounting, and tax services in the United States.

Our organization has made strides in recent years owing to a solid foundation, improved levels of corporate ethics, and consistent efforts. BusAcTa Advisors, a business, accounting, and taxation specialist, guarantees the best services to customers. In accordance with best standards, we will first ascertain our client's needs before recommending the most effective course of action and providing thorough supporting documentation.

We offer a variety of services to businesses and people in the United States. We deliver consistent results and strive to be the perfect partner for your company.

Provide tax preparation & advisory services to personnel and corporates. We have established a system so that all your deductions and incomes are considered while your tax preparation.

Our Services Includes 

  • 1040 Resident Returns​

  • 1120 C corporation Tax Return

  • 1120 S corporation Tax Return

  • 1065 Partnership Tax Return

  • 1040NR Non-Resident Returns

  • 8938 FATCA Filings

  • 8621 PFIC Filings

  • FBARS - Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts

  • State Returns

  • Amendments

  • ITIN Application (Foreign Individual with no SSN)

  • SS4/EIN Application


Best Business Solutions for All Uses!

BusAcTa Advisors is a specialist in the field of Business, Accounts, & Tax and ensures the best services to the customer. We ensure trusted results every time you come to us.

As part of the best practices, we will first understand the requirement of the customer and then provide the course of Action to be taken with Strong Documentation. We provide a range of services to businesses and individuals based in the United State of America.

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